Monday, May 11, 2009

Frilly and Pink + Redone Hair

I wore this outfit out Saturday night for a couple of drinks and some dancing! I got the top on clearance for like 5 dollars, because it had a big hole in the back which I fixed up!

This is my new Betsey bag, which has been on my wish list for months! Yay!

I found some sandals I actually like! I found them at some place called Shoe Carnival or something ridiculous like that. I like that they're simple, shiny, and not gladiators.

I redid my turquoise stripe, which had faded out a bunch. It's really bright this time!

Boring side...



Linda said...

I'm usually not a ruffle kind of gal, but I am LOVING that top!

Sugar Rush said...

It reminds me of harlequins!