Thursday, April 2, 2009

Radar Love

Forever 21:

I love that this anchor necklace is in shiny black instead of the standard gold, navy, or red.

I really love sweetheart necklines and these would be so easy for Summer and would be easily paired with anything.

Granted, I'm not an avid Run DMC fan, but that's OK...I love the slouchiness. It's perfect.

Huge ruffles on your head!

Patent leather bows too!

This is perfect for lounging around in and still feeling pretty.

I'd pair this with a bright belt or cardigan.

Look! Now we don't have to shell out way too much money for gray acid wash skinnies.

American Apparel:

The Disco Pant. Give to me.

I could probably easily make these, huh? Maybe I can talk one of the hippies I work with into giving me a tie-dye lesson.


Linda said...

I love, LOVE those marble leggings. *drooool*

If the disco pants weren't something like $90, I'd so snatch those up. :)

Sugar Rush said...

I know...They're SOOOOO expensive!

I read the site reviews though and the quality is supposed to be good, better than usual AA, and they're supposed to be really flattering.