Thursday, March 12, 2009

Radar Love

You guys shop at these lame mall stores too, right? It's all about the styling, right? Right.

A few finds from my internet window shopping while in bed sick.

I do find that with most of these stores, the products usually look better online, so I check them out in the store as well. A lot of times it's a no-go in person.


If the straps are brown, I don't like it! I can't tell.

Wet Seal.

I realize this could be very bad, but what if it could be very good?


Really loving the retro-shaped suits! I plan on ordering one, I'm just not sure which yet.

I think this one!


Linda said...

I saw those studded heels in Wet Seal the other week. They are AMAZING.

HALEY m. tuesday said...

holy shit, I WANT THOSE STUDDED HEELS! i loved that pink tube-top one piece from delia's too. i saw it in the catalogue. fabulous! pin-up shapes are so flattering, i don't understand why bathing suits were ever made in any other shape.


Sugar Rush said...

Linda: Really? I wonder if my terrible Wet Seal will get them. I love the shape!

Haley: Totally agree! I was set to order the two-piece though and I'm bummed out the bottom is sold out in my size!