Friday, March 6, 2009

I've stumbled upon this amazing

Everything on the site guessed!

While this may be a nightmare for some, I've found a lot of stuff I like!

The website carries everything from housewares to clothing and things are quite reasonably priced!

Aparently, this is a Japanese shirt and the translation is off..."Rabbit Don't Eat Sausages"...Amazing.

Zsa Zsa's future Christmas present.

The pastry chef in me loves this macroon cell phone charm!

It's a pillow!

So cute for Summer.

It's even named "Cupcake Skirt".

I am freaking in love with this bag!

Even work and chores would go down easier when planned on this!


Linda said...

....the rabbit shirt. I must have it.

Thank you for the link! This site is adorable!

Sugar Rush said...

Yes!! :)

gybe ♥ said...

ice-cream pillow is so cute!!!! :' )
in actually, all of them so adorable.


Sugar Rush said...

I know! I want to cuddle with it!