Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've been working on organizing my wardrobe and it may have taken a whole room, but I've pretty much got a place for everything now!

I'm wondering how everyone else organizes their clothes and accessories.

Here's an idea of how I've got mine so far!

I never match my socks anyway and a sock box is easier than a sock drawer!


More belts.

Clothing racks.

Boots. Tall boots in the back and shorter ones in the front.

Vintage brooch collection in a glass.

Hair accesories.

Bowls organized by necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I'd like to figure a way out to hang the necklaces so they don't get tangled.

Pins and brooches.

Shoes on the bottom of my closet.

Bags and more shoes.

The closet.

Hair flowers and bows on a ribbon.

I painted this shelf shiney black a few weeks ago and it really revamped it! I keep shoes on it now, as well as my sunglasses.

I'd love to add a vanity one day and have been keeping an eye out at thrift stores.



Linda said...

I would love to ransack your boot collection. *drool* Well done!

Sugar Rush said...

Thanks friend! It's sad I have to wear kitchen shoes 99% of the time.