Sunday, January 11, 2009

Black Chandeliers and Headboards

I love black chandeliers. Well, I love chandeliers in general, really. has a great selection and some amazing prices!

Love these:

I also stumbled upon this headboard project someone did. I'm sorry, but I can't remember who's blog it was.


Allison said...

I just saw that headboard! I know you don't know me (my name is Allison), but I follow your blog through Sara's. I just thought I would give you the link to where I saw the headboard.

Scroll down a little bit and you'll see it. The whole website is really awesome. And just curious, how long did you go to baking school? I just got my certification through my community college.

Sugar Rush said...

Oh awesome!! Thanks for that!

I went full time for a year...How long was yours? Do you have a degree or a diploma?

Allison said...

Well the whole program for my school was full time for one semester. They will expand the baking program to an Associates Degree program but thats not for another 2 years. I got a "Skills Certificate" which I guess is like a diploma for the baking program? Im actually going full time for my BA in Hospitality Management and it's really awesome.

But I totally agree with what you said in an earlier post about how you can bake but you don't really cook. I couldn't agree more. I like baking because it gives you the exact ingredients and the exact steps. I'm not good at cooking because I am not very good at improvising or throwing in dashes of this and pinches of that.