Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sara Berman

The Sara Berman recipe for Autumn/Winter 2008

One healthy splash of Adam Ant
A spoonful of strong female sexuality
A good handful of tartan
Several swathes of skintight leather
One tin solider for extra taste
Some late 70’s seasoning
Bows (lots of bows) for garnish

1. The great thing about this dish is that it has some bite – so start with the leather. Mix trousers so long and tight you’ll need to sprawl on the bed to pull them on, with a roar of leopard print. This is not a biker recipe, so give the leather some oomph with frilled gloves or something sheer and backless. Pink jumpers give a different tone if you want to make dish this during the day.

2. Next, deal with the coat. Bear in mind the spoonful of strong female sexuality when you tie the waist belt as tightly as you dare. Please be clear that this recipe won’t suit those with a weak constitution. Look for dangerously alluring prints, big buttons and enough shine to blind the masses. If you don’t have a coat to hand, try a short jacket. Something rigorously tailored that leaves the wrists on show would be equally appealing. Gold edging and velvet collars also add interest; just don’t forget to sprinkle on a few brass buttons for a rock and roll punch, once cooked.

3. Those Seventies party girls knew how to have fun, so feel free to add lashings of leg this winter. Very short cardigans that button down the back and double up as a dress are a useful ingredient to have in the pantry; mix with thick black tights to taste. Tiny (and we mean weenie) skirts give a similar effect if your local store has run out of cardigans. Wear them with cropped jackets layered over purple and red jumpers. Alternatively, look for an equally revealing (in the leg department, of course) dress: rev up the disco fever with a good helping of sequins and a large bow for garnish.

4. Rock and tartan have always been good friends, so pepper your look with some spicy Scottish charm. Just make sure it is the best that money can buy. Sara Berman’s luxurious cashmere mix has attitude and lavishness in equal quantities. Use on jackets and micro-skirts and don’t be scared to clash with leopard print or other such prints – rock stars don’t have time for looking matchy-matchy.

5. To serve, garnish with plenty of colour. In no particular order, red, gold, purple, cobalt, pink and grey, all add authentic Sara Berman flavour. Place on a warm plate of crimped hair and steaming femininity. Serve hot with a brandy sour and cocktail umbrella.

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