Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Radar Love

Since I've moved, the nearest Forever 21 is now over an hour away. While this is good for my wallet, it makes me long for the cheap goodness even more. I've found before, things can look great on their website, but in person either look off, or fit off. I think this may be the case with these wonderfully inexpensive satin mini skirts in both black and white, as well as the black bandage skirt above them. I can totally see the peacock maxi under one of the faux fur numbers two posts before this one though.

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Sara Millionaire said...

I've been contemplating that peacock maxi dress since it showed up on the site. I did an F21 order yesterday and didn't get it, and now I am kicking myself. I might have to do a whole second order and eat the shipping costs again just for the stupid dress!