Sunday, October 26, 2008

Radar Love

All from Forever 21.


Linda said...

LOVE that cheetah wrap! I keep eyeing those pants online, but sadly, I have to try on before buying. I think you *need* them. ::nods:: ;)

Sugar Rush said...

I totally bought them haha. I moved this past weekend and the closest F21 to me now is like an hour and a half away!! I'd try them on before you guy them though...They aren't stretchy and plaid needs to fit well or it looks bad, ya know?

I'm going to wear them with my heeled moccasin Balmain knock-offs from Topshop!

Let me know how the cheetah wrap is in person if you see it! It wasn't out yet when I was there.


Anonymous said...

i love that first top!

La C