Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lucky in Thrift!

Sorry my thrift-find pictures always such...It's hard to find good lighting!

I found some amazing stuff today at Goodwill! Check it out...(especially the last one!!!)

This is actually some school uniform skirt, but it's really the perfect black, pleated circle skirt!

This I'm sure I'll take to Revolve, but it was way too great of a find to pass up!

Vintage purple pencil skirt glory! (Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease II ahoy!)

Cache highwasted, black shorts with effing zipper details on the sides!

This is exactly the same skirt as the purple one, but obviously in black. I love finding pairs in thrift stores!

Again, this too will probably go to Revolve because I can just see it sitting sadly unworn in my closet...It's amazing though...I love the bow details in the back!

I will figure out a way to fit into this. Vintage Contempo Casuals!

This is AMAZING enough on its own, but the label is "Miss Ashlee"! (Ashley is my name, P.S.)

Without the "modesty button"...Deep V wonder.

Maybe to Revolve...I'm in love with the cut of this.

Who doesn't need a black catsuit? I can think of a multitude of ways to use it!

Metallic gold batwing sweater...This will be sweeter than sweet with black skinnies and ankle boots.

OK, the amazingness. Vintage heart-shaped sunglasses. What the crap. I'm guessing 70s...I practically yelled at the girl who pulled them out of the case for me, "Do you know how AMAZING these are??"


Linda said...

My mouth dropped at the sunglasses. Those look like they're in PERFECT condition!!!! That's it. I need to spend time at Goodwill this weekend. ;)

i_heart_vintage said...

sweet sunglasses. i always see cool vintage sunglasses at thrift stores but the lenses are prescription. those are so cool, lucky you!