Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall List

I've ripped out tons of inspiring pages from the September Vogue (which may weigh more than my dog) and during my super boring Nutrition class last night, I made a list of ideas for Fall!

Here's what I have so far:

Tasseled boots
Black leather boots with a heel
Military/Band coat
Black ankle booties
Black velvet skinny pants
Colored opaque tights
Colored Mary Janes
Winter floral skirts and dresses
Sweater sets
Flat, Black jazz shoes
Plaid tights
Fringey scarves
Jewel tones
Pussy bow shirts
Black Pencil Skirt
Ruffle front shirts
Gold-tone (chain) necklaces and pendants
Gold-tone Chainy belts
Black tasseled belt
Mixed Patterns (floral/leopard/plaid)
Feathered bags and head bands/pieces

Some things from the collections:
Alexander Wang's motorcycle vests and slouchy tops and tight dresses and skirts
Ralph Lauren Collection's pheasant hats and buffalo plaids
Gucci's gypsy-pirate-Rolling-Stones-mama:
Tasseled riding boots, gold studs, god studded booties, velvet pants
Dior's purple (bags)
D&G's oxford booties and plaids
Proenza's jewel tones

I'll be updating this list as we get into the cooler seasons.

What's on your Fall/Winter wish list?

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