Saturday, September 6, 2008

Diamond in the Rough: Wet Seal

While Wet Seal isn't the place to go for quality basics or classic pieces, they do carry some things to play with in your wardrobe! It's a great place to find things you'd never spend a lot of money on, but are worth throwing in for fun.

Maybe I'm wrong, but this reminds me of Betsey Johnson.

I can see this being rocked out disco style!

This reminds me of Debbie Harry.

Sweater dresses make me think of Kelly Bundy...In a good way.

I can see this with solid opaque tights or even an opaque plaid pair!

I dig the zipper.

Fabric motorcycle jacket. Yes.

Chill...They could work.

Again, but really this time...Betsey Johnson much?


i_heart_vintage said...

I've been eyeing that fabric motorcycle jacket too. Real leather is a little too extreme for my style but the fabric would go with everything.

Sugar Rush said...

Oh dude. Warning. It's a freaking hoodie.


jenifer said...
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