Thursday, August 14, 2008

Treasure Hunting!

Sorry about the horrible distortedness of the skirt photos...I don't know how to use photoshop and I was trying to make it so it wasn't so washed out!

Anyway, I got to go thrifting today and found some seriously amazing finds!

This red skirt fits me like a glove and has some bitchin' fringe! I'll take a better picture when I wear it!

This dress was completely shredded, but still on the hanger. I asked if I could have it for really cheap and they said yes! I'm going to use the awesome jewel-shaped studs for a skirt I think.

The meca of amazing. This is definitely one of my best finds ever!

I do think I'm going to alter the "t-back" and just remove that strip and make it a halter. I will wear this.

Check out this perfect military/band jacket! It's by Ann Taylor, believe it or not and it's nice and sturdy. I'm going to change the buttons out to brass and I might add some red piping or something. I love this though!


Sara Millionaire said...

Ohh, I am jealous. I love that leather vest! I just left you a similar comment on my blog regarding your question about thrifting, but it bears repeating: here in the Long Beach/LA area, thrift stores are so insanely picked over it's virtually impossible to find anything good. Consider yourself lucky!

Sugar Rush said...

I do consider myself so lucky! The thrifting here is awesome! I'm going to miss it so much when I have to move back to Georgia.

And how the hell I'm going to wear that vest is currently beyond me. But I will!

Sara Millionaire said...

I would wear it over a feminine printed dress with a fullish skirt, also maybe with a slinky loose tank top, a fringy scarf, and some tight skinny blue jeans.

Linda said...


"Jealous" isn't even the word for how I feel about that vest. SO HOT!!! And I agree...pair it with some skinny jeans and the Aldo heels!