Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hey Bebe!

I haven't given Bebe any thought since I wore a black angora dress of their's to my 8th grade dance. I think I saw boobs for the first time in the open dressing room there.

Some blogs I frequent have been noticing Bebe's pretty fierce platforms and while browsing the website, I was surprised to find a few other things up my alley!

Bebe seems to be the mecca of over-priced trashy. It's no secret I love a good element of trash in my style and I found everything from the tightest Herve Leger wanna-be dresses to killer heels and even some fringed bags and Gucci-esque tasseled boots!

This description for this dress claims it can "take you from work, to the party, to the after-party"...Wait. Work?

Not big on this one's shape, but I do like the exposed zipper. Zippers and other hardware take me back to my punk rock days when I sewed zippers on everything I owned...Plus they're still hot.

Yellow bandage dress...With chains?? Granted, you just about have to be made of plastic to pull this thing off.

Zipper-back leggings!


Double yes!

At $298 these are still out of my range, but when you compare that to Gucci's $2000 version? Pocket change. I don't know about the 5 inch heel for daily wear though. There isn't a platform mentioned, but I think I may spy one.


Linda said...

......the big fringed purses are too much to handle. I'm scared to even look at the price on the site, because they're perfection!

I think you could COMPLETELY pull off one of those bandage dresses!! One thing I've heard about Bebe (though I don't know from personal experience) is that the clothing is decent quality for the cost. It won't last you 25 years, but it won't fall apart either.

Chickenhead said...

Really? That's awesome! I'm attempting to make a bandage dress, but I'd be down to try one of theirs...They look so short though!! Look on the site...I don't think they were THAT bad.

Sugar Rush said...

HAHA! Apparently someone else was signed in to their blogger...I'm at the library at school!

Sara Millionaire said...

Those boots are complete perfection. I was wondering how I was ever going to get my hands on the Gucci ones but it's slightly easier to wonder how I can get my hands on these...hmmm, my birthday IS coming up...

Linda said...

Hey! I just saw these and thought of you. They're similar to the boots you posted, but a) they're flat - not high heeled, and b) they're much cheaper!
Here they are on Baker's Shoes website where until September 1st, all boots are 15% off!!!

Fashion Is Poison said...

i definitely recommend the 1st dress!