Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black Boots

I've decided that whether I have to save for a couple of months or not, this year I'm going to invest in a great pair of black boots. I've never had a good pair and while I really love my good ol' motorcycle boots, I'm looking for something that will hold up a very long time and translate year after year.

So far, I'm considering these:


Urban Outfitters

Jeffrey Campbell

While the first pair are my current favorites, I'm leaning toward the pair from Urban. The heel is much more doable for every day and I'm crafty and can rig up my own leather tasseled strap that would be removable!


Linda said...

I agree that the UO ones would be best! The quality looks great, and you're right...the tassel would be easy to make!

Sara Millionaire said...

I e-mailed those Bebe boots to Rusty. I would never be able to buy them but since my birthday is coming up on Friday I have my fingers crossed...

Sugar Rush said...

Oh I hope you get them Sara! I'd want to be able to try them on before I bought them, but they don't carry them in any of the Tampa stores.