Sunday, August 3, 2008


I'm considering purchasing some of these from AA with a 15% discount. What do you guys think? I know some American Apparel stuff is odd fitting, do you have any experience with these?


Linda said...

Ok, as a start, if you're not already on, you should check it out NOW. ;D I've seen all of these pieces on there, so it would be a good chance to ask people who own the items.

I've tried on...
1) The bodysuit with the zipper (3rd pic down). It's stretchy and comfy, but does what every bodysuit likes to do...ride up like a mofo.
2) The U-neck dress (5th pic down). I'm definitely going back for this one. I could see it being a staple in black. It's really comfy, and the back makes it all worth it. As I remember, it's not badly priced, either!
3) The t-shirt dress (7th pic down). I actually own this in slate gray, and OMG. Best.dress.ever. It's SO soft and comfy and looks sexy as hell!
4) Metallic leggings (9th pic down). SO comfy...but I just don't have long legs. Since I have a bit o'curve in my hips, it made me look a bit...dumpy.

Sorry for the ramble! I just have an AA store close to me, so I try on a lot of stuff. haha

Sugar Rush said...

You're lucky! The closest AA to me is like 4 hours haha!

I'm really feeling the t-shirt dress, I think I'd wear it a lot.

Thanks so much!

Sara Millionaire said...

I have the t-shirt dress in black and white. I bought it in small and I like it but it's a tad short and clingy for me for everyday wear. (It looks great over tights though.) I wish I had bought it in medium, I think I would wear it a lot more if it was a little looser-fitting.

My roommate has the deep-V swimsuit (fourth picture down) and it's really flattering, but SUPER THIN -- I mean see-through the second you get in the water. Black is probably the only color you could get that wouldn't be indecent to wear in a public swimming area!

Fashion Addict said...

I like a lot of these AA pieces, but I've never worn any of them because I'm not close to one of their shops...

BTW, great blog! Would you like to link with mine?