Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, literally (minus, I think one day) I have been checking the topshop website everyday since they sold out for the restock of these shoes in my size. I emailed them and asked if there was a list I could be on for returns...anything, but they just said sometimes they restock items, so check back.

I checked today and lo and behold there they were! A size 41 just for me! I promtly whipped out my credit card. (Something I reserve for "emergencies".)

Well, just after ordering them and receiving my confirmation email, I went back to the site to swipe a photo to post here. The 41's are sold out again! Either I got the last pair or there was a mistake on the website, in which case I will insist they custom-make me a pair.

I'm hoping it's not too good to be true!

*Fingers Crossed*


Linda said...

Oh, I'll so cross my fingers for you!!!

The same thing actually happened to me when I ordered a purse off of Zappos years ago. I wasn't so lucky, but I bet you will be. ;D

Sugar Rush said...

So far, no "regrets" email!