Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Picks

You'll notice these are mostly shoes. I'm not buying any new Summer stuff, even if I do live in Florida and "Fall" will be the week in November where it's 70 degrees, as opposed to 90. Still, a girl can dream.

These are just about the perfect bootie with a silvertone zip on either side by Jessica Simpson on sale right now at Nordstrom.

I picked these up yesterday from F21. I'd been contemplating them for weeks via the website but was afraid the heel was too low, making them look too cheesey. I was in the store yesterday looking at them from every angle in the mirror when an older lady resembling Barbie's Grandma said "Honey, they're so cute!" That was plenty for me. The heel height isn't unreasonably low (probably 3.5" - 3.75") and will be perfect when I want a heel, but will be doing a lot of walking or standing. Win!

A blatant knock off of the Extreme by Dior. I dig them pretty hard and the versatility is wonderful, but am afraid they'll become too played out soon and I won't be able to work them as much into Fall as I'd like. These are from Baker's.

A variation of the above by Steve Madden. I'm into the purple snake!

Again, the purple is really speaking to me and these suede lace-ups from Nine West would work as well now as they will in the months to follow.

These are fantastically trashy and the Vixen fan in me can't help but love the red patent and zipper. Not to mention the cheap price tag from

Oh look, a skirt! I've been keeping my eye out for a great floral skirt or dress to wear with intimidating black heels and this one with its watercolor feel looks just the part! I can see it in the seasons to come with opaque tights in any of the hues in the skirt and matching colored mary janes.


Sara Millionaire said...

I've been eyeing those studded F21 Mary Janes for weeks now but was holding off for the same reason as you, and also because I hardly ever wear silver-toned jewelry so something studded all over with silver seemed impractical to me...but I still can't stop looking at them and imagining them with some kind of orange swing coat. You definitely need to take pictures of them on soon so I can get a feel for whether or not I can live without them!


Sara Millionaire said...

Oh yeah, and those purple snakeskin Steve Maddens are killlllller.

Sugar Rush said...

Yeah, I know how you feel about the silver. I never wear silver either, and while I do usually prefer gold-toned studs and hardwear, these are good because the studs are totally there in a PFR way.

I'll take a picture for you asap!

Linda said...

I keep drooling over those snakeskin purple shoes, too! The only problem is that I already have those black Baker's shoes, and they're probably too similar. BUT, if you can get the Baker's shoes, DO IT. They're the most comfy pair of shoes I've owned.