Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dog Days

I have to be honest. I'm finding myself obsessing over the next seasons and am completely bored with Summer. In an effort to snap myself back into my Floridian reality, I've decided to try and refresh the season and enjoy the rest of it. I probably have 3 more months until I can even start pulling from my already extensive dream book of Fall ideas, so I better make the most of what I've got!

What are you wearing to ride out the rest of the Summer?

A couple of months back, I made a list of Summertime goodness and I'm going to think happy thoughts about that all over again:

Denim shorts in the form of slouchy cut offs, and high waisted and cuffed.
Fringed t-shirts. Hell, maybe even beaded.
Trashy airbrushed shirts
Heart shaped shades
Native American beaded jewelry
Crochet bikini in a 70's cut
A perfect pair of highwaisted, flared jeans
Silver and torquoise jewelry
"Ethnic" printed minidresses
T-shirt dresses
Feathered anything, especially dresses!
Higher Gladiator Flats (probably in brown)
Vintage fest with long fringe
Head Scarves
Wedges and Wooden-Heeled Platforms
Gauzy dresses
70's style sun hats

Here are some photos that are keeping me inspired:
**All of these are ruthlessly pilfered from various blogs and websites**

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Sara Millionaire said...

I'm in the same boat as you right now -- I think I burned myself out on summer and now I'm pretty apathetic to summer fashions, which means that as soon as cool weather sets in I'm doubtless going to be longing for shorts and sandals. Thanks for reminding me to live in the moment! I'm going to go think up some great outfits for August...

Sugar Rush said...

Do share when you do!

Sugar Rush said...

Do share when you do!