Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Decades Window

It is one of my duties at work to change the window display every week. I enjoy doing it, but lately (as in real life) I haven't been incredibly inspired.

I did like what I came up with this week though! Each mannequin is themed from a different decade...50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

You can't see the 50s dress at all, but it's a wonderful black, silk crepe dress with a circle skirt and a bow at the front of the waist. Wonderful. Sorry for the atrocious pictures in general. Dang that glare, I wish I could get good photos of the windows.

The whole thing. It actually reads right to left starting with the 50s.

70s and 60s. Oh GOODNESS that bronze sequin shift is AMAZING. I put it on and it falls JUST under my bum. Even with opaque tights I don't think it will work. The white disco-Dynasty ensemble is wonderful as well.

80s. There is a black dress you can't see here too. It's fantastic with mesh cutouts at the waist.

I was trying to help my theme along by displaying accessories from the eras under the dresses. This is 50s.



Inside of this amazing "special pill case" are the tiniest pair of golden tongs with which to fetch special pills.

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