Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fringe me!

Well, you may remember I posted here about my "genious" idea of making my own fringed shoes. Well, I got the shoes in the mail and they are just rediculous. Not only are they all wrong for the look I'd be going for, my foot falls out of them...Public nosedive into the sidewalk waiting to happen.

Never one to give up (to a fault), I've spotted these:

The fringe is different than I was originally picturing, but they're lovely and just what I was attempting myself as far as the actual shoe goes.

The trouble is, they're from Topshop and the exchange rate is balls. Also, if they didn't fit properly, returning them would be a pain.

P.S. These

came in the mail today and I. Love. Them. I can't believe I have to wait a few months to wear them, but I had to jump on them while they were on sale and still in my size!


Sara Millionaire said...

I can't even look at the Topshop website because the exchange rate is so ludicrous and then shipping costs on top of it! too bad, because those shoes are gorgeous.

where are the boots from? Steve Madden?

Linda said...

Why would you need to wait to wear them?! They'd look so choice with a short little dress. :D

And I'm the same as Sara...I can't even look at Topshop. Their stuff is just too gorgeous.

Sugar Rush said...

I know...I'm not going to attempt another DIY fringed one unless I were to find the perfect base shoe (in person).

Yes, the boots are from Steve Madden though Sara...I had a Zappos credit so I was able to put that towards them!