Monday, June 9, 2008

Treasure Hunting!

To take my mind off of "studying", I decided to go thrifting for a couple of hours today before class. I found one of the most wonderful finds of my thrifting life! You will see...

This top looks a bit frumpy upon first glance and I'm afraid especially in photos, but it's full of fox! I didn't even notice the hidden "modesty" button until I was taking this picture, you could work it that way for more of a blousy look.

It can also go very deep-v and has amazing versatility potential!!

Simple, stretchy, tight and black. (A lot like me.) And not too short, so it'll work for hot days or nights!

A vintage leopard slip skirt! I have no idea how I'm going to wear it yet.

I can't even show this whole dress yet because it's so crazy. It is quite big and has little paint drops on it of different colors (which makes me wonder even more than usual about the previous owner), but it is made of something linen-like, has the best tattered lace short bell sleeves (if that makes since), is a floor grazing maxi length and is a super great teracotta color! All I need to do is take it in and then I will reveal it in its full potential.

OK, here it is! The magical find! And listen to how it happened!! I was in the Salvation Army, nearly choking on the pine-sol fumes when I thought...oh I should look at the jeans for vintage goodness, which I rarely have the patience to do. Literally, I turned around and there they were. I noticed the length first, then the distinctively vintage worn-in denim, then I picked them up and there was the most amazing front snap pockets and high waist!! My jaw was dropped the whole time!

STOKED! They could use a little taking in to give them shape (especially the waist, it's about an inch too big), so I'm going to play around with that soon!

Oh girl!

Complete with a perfectly torn back pocket.

The brand is A. Smile...yes!

This is another favorite find of the day. It's so soft and thread-bare. True, it is a soft tail, which is not as tough as a hard tail, but the previous owner was obviously awesome enough to cut the sleeves off and wear this thing out!

African wildlife and glitter glue!

A perfect black and white striped t-shirt for my husband! It's really hard to find shirts to fit him as he is 6'4.

SWEET Vegas shirt with a rattler!

And last but not at all least, a baby wolf shirt!
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Linda said...

Those jeans are an AMAZING find! I love the details on the buttons and the worn in pockets. Kudos to you. ;D

sheil said...

the jeans are fantastic! i also love the white top