Thursday, May 15, 2008

That Special Feeling

You know the one...

When you find a pair of shoes that are so perfect you want to sleep in them.

I recieved these in the mail today and not only do I feel like I'm walking on clouds made of suede, but they are ruthlessly hot on. Casual as they may be, they make my legs look 9 miles long!

I'm seriously contemplating buying another pair for back up when they stop carrying these. I've only seen them at Zappos. The Steve Madden site doesn't stock them, so I'm thinking they're an older style.

P.S. If you find you love them too and want to give them a go, FYI I had to order a half size-full size up. Steve Maddens usually seem to run a little small though.



Sara Millionaire said...

Natural Comfort has a style that is exactly, literally, exactly the same as those, in a few colors, on Zappos. (at least they used to.) I also saw them in white for really cheap on a couple of months ago...I wonder if they still carry them?

Ashley said...

Yes! I remember the Natural Comfort ones from last year! They're only like 2.5 inches or something crazy though...these are 4, but are amazingly comfy!