Thursday, May 1, 2008

Salvation Army

I ventured over to half off day at the Salvation Army yesterday. It's pretty much a weekly ritual. On my way, I noticed a HUGE NEW thrift store! I stopped in and I found some amazing stuff! All I found at the Salvation Army was a sweater (I know I live in Florida and 100 degree days are just around the corner, but it was too good to pass up!) I found an amazing sea creature romper, but couldn't find it again once I put it down...

Beautiful rose scarf!

The sweater! It's made of silk and angora and it's amazing.

A Montana plate to add to my state plate collection!


New Hampshire state plate!

An incredible Jamestown scarf from 1957!

A bright, clashy red and hot pink scarf full of jewels!

Sweet star concho earbobbles! I may end up replacing the tassles with feathers...

A fantastic hot pink big straw clutch!

This dress is pretty scorching hot on...I can't wait to wear it!

A vintage table cloth! I have a small collection of vintage table cloths and table runners and they usually cost me around 30 dollars. I picked this one up for only 3 bucks and it's the largest one in my collection!


Cruxgothgirlie said...

Hi there! I found your blog through the punk_makeup community on LJ. I love reading about your thrifting finds! That "clashy" scarf is PERFECTION. I'm completely jealous. :)

Ashley said...

Hey I know you! Thanks for commenting!!

I love that one too! Thrifting is the best!