Thursday, May 22, 2008


I went to Goodwill today! I haven't been thrifting in a couple of weeks, so I was pretty stoked!

Ok, I've got to get rid of the sequins...

But check out the cut!

WTF vintage leopard hostess dress by Vanity Fair!! Wow! I'm excited all over again just posting it! It's really overwhelming at maxi length, so I hate to cut it, but it'd be so much more wearable short.

I think this probably was a 3rd piece to a bathing suit set. I will still rock this shit out with some jean shorts and I'm going to be on the look out for a bikini in a color to match it!

A little black slip dress with cutout battenburg leaves!

The ones on the back look almost like wings!

A total hippie dippie maxi skirt...

I love the lace on the bottom...

Pretty purple scarf!

70's scarf...

A vintage Nassau, Bahamas souvenier scarf

This dress is amazing! It's really flattering on too...I really dislike the term "goddess", but

It came with a little jacket! I'm always amazed when pieces stay together for all those years!

I love this Banana Republic linen dress...the print is kinda safari...

And I love the way it ties in the back!

Old lace skirt...I'm not sure if it once had a lining or not.

Favorite find of the day! A wood grain circle skirt!!

My little helper...

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