Thursday, April 24, 2008

Salvation Army

I had some free time yesterday so I stopped by a couple of Salvation Army stores for half off day! I found some good stuff! Excuse the wrinkles!

Perfect western waist belt with conchos!

Ok, I have this guilty pleasure weakness for Cache. It's like rich lady trashy and it's fantastic! I found this killer good hot pink Cache cardigan with bows and ruffles and rose buttons!!

This is actually an old nighty, but I think with a slip layered underneath solid accessories, it could pass for a dress...we'll see. If not, it's beautiful for lounging around in.

This shirt was too old and soft to pass up! If it fits Colin, it will be because he is Zsa Zsa's dad. If not, I'll sell it to work!

Just a basic short sleeved white sweater. I like basics that are a bit more than just a tee sometimes.

This is totally the find of the day! It's a mint condition vintage bathing suit complete with a built-in bullet bra and gorgeous dart details! Yay!!

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