Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Salvation Army

So I stopped by the Salvation Army today because every Wednesday everything is half off! I only had time to go to one store, but I found some treasures indeed!

The colors are a bit washed out in the photos, but that's ok.

Vintage yellow embroidered dress! I LOVE this dress! Going by the fabric, shape and zipper, I'd guess it's from the early 60s but it very well could be 50s.

Black halter playsuit! I'm seeing this from the beach to the tiki bar with tons of gold jewelry and platform sandals, 1970s MILF style.

Vintage bright red denim super high waisted Bongo skirt!

This dress is amazing. It's in quite poor condition...some of the seams are ripping, but I can easily repair it. It's totally "ice capades" length with a super disco!

This dress is gorgeous. It has a couple of spots on the front satin piece, but those are the only flaws I've seen. I need to take it in a bit, but it was too amazing to pass up. The photo didn't pick up the color properly, but it's a true rust shade. Amazing. I'm saving it for fall!

I have a shirt just like this, except the sequins are all different colors in rows. These sequins are charcoal and the shirt is silver. Again, too good to pass up!

OK, I don't see myself wearing this but come on...what a crazy find and it's a sweater! I'll probably end up selling it at work, but it was another I couldn't leave behind.

The most expensive items were the dresses and with the half off day, I got them for $3.50 each!

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